"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete, when absolutely everything the American people believe is false." -- William J Casey, Director of the CIA (1981)

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ESG = Earth ] (sun) [ Gaia

Everywhere in the world, the land refused to bear fruit …

The sun shone cloudless in the sky and the rivers dropped and the seas shrank and the creeks and brooks dried up and the mountains were sear and the valleys yellowed all over the world.

The land hated us, the violated land, the faithful land , the exploited and gentle land. The land decided the we must die, and all innocent living things with us.

The land had cursed us.

Our wars and our hatred – these had finally sickened the wise earth.

We did not know then:

That we stood indicted as the irreconcilable enemy of all life.

— Taylor Caldwell


Imagine thinking these are the same person

The veins on the back of your hand are one way to positively identify you.

My daughter and I have identical palm prints.

I don’t have any idea who the fuck this dude is but this is an unelected hostile foreign occupation of the United States. It does not matter if there was “election fraud,” this person’s name was not on the ballot and literally nobody voted for him.

How Technology can let us see & manipulate our Memories

Nemesis Technologies

DeepTech & Digital Securities Venture Capital

Published Jun 2, 2022

At Nemesis, we’ve been passionately involved in advanced BioTech researches. Investments in Optogenetics and advanced imaging have helped neuroscientists understand how memories form and made it possible to manipulate them.

There are 86 billion neurons in the human brain, each with thousands of connections, giving rise to hundreds of trillions of synapses. Synapses—the connection points between neurons—store memories. The overwhelming number of neurons and synapses in our brains makes finding the precise location of a specific memory a formidable scientific challenge. 

Figuring out how memories form may ultimately help us learn more about ourselves and keep our mental acuity intact. Memory helps shape our identities, and memory impairment may indicate a brain disorder. Alzheimer’s disease robs individuals of their memories by destroying synapses; addiction hijacks the brain’s learning and memory centers; and some mental health conditions, like depression, are associated with memory impairment.

In many ways, neuroscience has revealed the nature of memories, but it has also upended the very notion of what memories are. The five questions below speak to how much we’ve learned and what mysteries remain. 

Can we see memories in the brain? 

Neuroscientists have observed the basic outline of memories in the brain for decades. However, only recently could they see the enduring physical representation of a memory, which is called a memory engram. An engram is stored within a network of connected neurons, and neurons holding the engram can be made to glow so that they are visible through special microscopes. 

Today, neuroscientists can manipulate memory engrams by artificially activating their underlying networks and inserting new information. These techniques are also shedding light on how different types of memory work and where each is recorded in the brain. 

Episodic autobiographical memory deals with what happened, where, and when. It relies on the hippocampus, a seahorse-shaped structure. Procedural memories, supported by the basal ganglia, let us remember how to carry out habitual behaviors like riding a bike. This region malfunctions in those with addiction. Our ability to recall facts, like state capitals, is thanks to semantic memory, which is stored in the cortex.

What tools let us see memories?

At the end of the 19th century, tabletop microscopes made it possible to identify individual neurons, enabling scientists to draw stunningly detailed representations of the brain. By the mid-20th century, powerful electron microscopes could show synaptic structures just tens of nanometers wide (about the width of a virus particle). At the turn of the 21st century, neuroscientists used two-photon microscopes to watch synapses form in real time while mice learned.

Incredible advancements in genetics have also made it possible to swap genes in and out of the brain to link them to memory function. Scientists have used viruses to insert a green fluorescent protein found in jellyfish into mouse brains, causing neurons to light up during learning. They’ve also used an algae protein called channel rhodopsin (ChR2) to artificially activate neurons. The protein is sensitive to blue light, so when it’s inserted into neurons, the neurons can be turned on and off with a blue laser—a technique known as optogenetics. With this technology, which was pioneered by researchers at Stanford almost two decades ago, neuroscientists can artificially activate memory engram cells in lab animals.

New techniques also make it possible to study how nerve impulses translate outside information to our inner worlds. To watch this process in the brain, neuroscientists use tiny electrodes to record the impulses, which last for just a few milliseconds. Analytical tools such as neural decoding algorithms can then weed out noise to reveal patterns that indicate a memory center in the brain. Open-source software kits allow more neuroscience laboratories to conduct such research.

What do these tools tell us about how memories are created and stored?

How neurons become part of a memory engram remained a mystery until recently. When neuroscientists looked closer, they were surprised to see that neurons compete with one another to store memories. By inserting genes into the brain to increase or decrease neuron excitability, the researchers learned that the most excited neurons in the area will become part of the engram. These neurons will also actively inhibit their neighbors from becoming part of another engram for a short period of time. This competition likely helps memories form and shows that where memories are allocated in the brain is not random.

In other experiments, researchers found that neural networks hold on to forgotten memories. Mice injected with a cocktail of protein inhibitors develop amnesia, likely forgetting information because their synapses wither away. But the researchers discovered that these memories weren’t forever lost—the neurons still held the information, though without synapses, it couldn’t be retrieved (at least not without optogenetic stimulation). Mice with Alzheimer’s disease showed similar memory loss. 

Another finding has to do with how dreaming strengthens our memories. Neuroscientists had long thought that as the day’s experiences replayed in the form of nerve impulses during sleep, those memories slowly transferred out of the hippocampus and to the cortex so that the brain could extract information to create rules about the world. They also knew that some rules were synthesized by the cortex more quickly, but existing models couldn’t explain how this happened. Recently, though, researchers have used optogenetic tools in animal studies to show that the hippocampus also works to establish these rapidly forming cortical memories.

“The hippocampus helps to rapidly create immature memory engrams in the cortex,” says Takashi Kitamura, an assistant professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. “The hippocampus still teaches the cortex, but without optogenetic tools we might not have observed the immature engrams.”

Can memories be manipulated?

Memories are not as stable as they might feel. By their very nature, they must be amenable to change, or learning would be impossible

Nearly a decade ago, MIT researchers genetically altered mice so that when their neurons were active during learning, this activity turned on the ChR2 gene, which was tethered to a green fluorescent protein. By seeing which neurons fluoresced, neuroscientists could identify which ones were involved in learning. And they could reactivate specific memories by shining light on the ChR2 genes associated with those neurons. 

With this ability, the MIT researchers inserted a false memory into mouse brains. First they placed the mice in a triangular box, which activated specific ChR2 genes and neurons. Then they put the mice in a square box and administered shocks to their feet while shining a light on the ChR2 neurons associated with the first environment. 

Eventually, the mice associated the memory of the triangle box with the shocks even though they were shocked only while in the square box. “The animals were fearful of an environment that, technically speaking, never had anything ‘bad’ happen in it,” says Steve Ramirez, a coauthor of the study who is now an assistant professor of neuroscience at Boston University.

It’s not feasible to use such techniques involving fiber-optic cables and lasers to experiment on the human brain, but the results on the brains of mice suggest how easily memories can be manipulated. 

Can we see memories outside of the brain?

Human memories can be visually reconstructed using brain scanners. In research conducted by Brice Kuhl, who is now an assistant professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Oregon, people were given images to view, and their brains were scanned with an MRI machine to measure which regions were active. An algorithm was then trained to guess what the person was viewing and reconstruct an image based on this activity. The algorithm also reconstructed images from participants who were asked to hold one of the images they viewed in their minds. 

There’s much room for improvement in these reconstructed images, but this work showed that neuroimaging and reconstruction algorithms can indeed show the content of human memories for others to see.

Technology has let neuroscientists peer into the brain and see the tiny glowing traces of memory. Yet the discovery that experiences and knowledge can be implanted or externalized has also given memory a different meaning. 

What does this mean for our sense of who we are ? 

Archive: https://archive.is/h0USR

So where are we going with this?

Oh, wow, so we’re going to send everyone who just tried to genocide the planet with the biggest pharmaceutical fraud in human history .. for 8.5 hours .. but guys guys guys, it’ll really be like they were in there for 1000 hours. They did their time!!! Let them go back to their lives, guys, they’re really sorry.

Lol. Get fucked. They deserve to die behind bars with Mossad voices in the walls.

You though? You’re going to a real jail forever.

“mInd CoNtRoL eXpeRiMeNtS aRe a ConSpiRacY ThEorY, SkItzO.”

The “protein” in question — published in The Guardian on March 24 2016 – is “TRPV4.” This isn’t a CoNsPirAcY ThEorY, this passes for “legitimate research” in the discipline of “neurophilosophy,” whatever that even means. I’m tired of pretending this isn’t why your “food” has been covered with E551 for 40+ years. So called “hearing tests” in pre-k and k-12 are a bunch of jesuit pricks singling you out if you can hear certain “inaudible” frequency ranges and everyone knows it.

Home school your kids and never leave them unsupervised with the “system.” IMO everyone who does this should be exempt from school taxes on real estate.

And then one day for no reason at all, Donald Trump and Joe Biden want the entire country injected with some mysterious “S” shaped spike. Trump’s orange ass had better stop pretending this was ever about “public health.”

I didn’t like Biden to begin with because I have known for a fact that he was in bed with those mk motherfuckers in Racine who wanted to do this shit to “youth offenders” in the 1990s — ya know, the ones they were calling super predators — they meant black kids in Milwaukee and Racine county — as a “model for the entire country.”

Trump lost me after he doubled and tripled down on this shit and ignored his entire base and their objections and concerns.

For all of Biden’s oppressive “crime bills” and fantasies about forcing prisoners and people on supervision to be microchipped or to be remotely monitored — because Muh Racial Jungles and Muh Super Predators who must be Brought To Heel or whatever — a 40 year Senator, VP, and sitting “President” couldn’t even stop his own WHITE kids from being addicts or breaking the law.

“It begins at home.”

Docosahexeonic Acid is an antagonist , or agonist , idk I dropped out of nursing and CADC and forget which one’s which, “it blocks it ok” , for TRPV4. This is aka “Omega-3 DHA supplements” but check the label because some “Omega 3” supplements contain EHA (Elcosapentaenoic Acid) and do not block TRPV4.

Ultima Thule

“Two connected sphere-like shapes held in contact by mutual gravity”

Look familiar?

There is no such thing as the “Kuiper Belt,” that is sort of like walking up to a mirror and seeing the back of your head in it.

Welcome to “space.”

Ultima thule is Latin and has been used over to the centuries to refer to an area of the world that is the most distant and inaccessible.  In other words as NASA describes, it’s a place “beyond the known world.”  The term was originally used in ancient Greek and Roman literature and cartography to denote a mythical island in the area furthest north.  In classical and medieval cartography and literature, this term took on the meaning of anyplace beyond the known world at the time.  Claudian, the Latin poet, proclaimed, “ratibusque impcrvia Thule” which means “where no ships can sail.”



There’s a reason we don’t have decent imaging of things that are behind the sun.

The sun isn’t “up in the air” , it is below us and merely reflected in toroidal aether, this is where the ancient axiom of “as above, so below” even came from.

We understood a long time ago that we could observe that which we could not directly see by looking at its reflection in the aether – or “firmament” if you will. I’m not in the “flat earth” nor the “perfectly round blue marble” camp, my opinions do not matter nor do they change the hourglass shape of our planet or the fact that there is an inhabited civilization S of the 84th parallel that rules you from afar.

And it’s a LOT bigger than you have ever been told that it is.

Does this sound MORE or LESS insane than supposedly credible government and military sources going on about “aliens” and “UFOs” ? You slave your entire life away to produce food and fine goods for them, we’re all still slaves.

The photonic barrier is the reason you cannot directly observe it. It’s the same reason someone might be in your blind spot when you are using night vision.

“The Photonic Barrier is the effect of a light source that is so bright or directional that it does not allow objects/individuals beyond it or adjacent to it to be identified, thus concealing the visibility of these objects or individuals from the observer.”

Euclid is a good name for a 3D telescope:

Euclid is named after the Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria, who lived around 300 BC and founded the subject of geometry. As the density of matter and energy is linked to the geometry of the universe, the mission was named in his honour.

Euclid is designed to explore the evolution of the dark Universe. It will make a 3D-map of the Universe (with time as the third dimension) by observing billions of galaxies out to 10 billion light-years, across more than a third of the sky.

While dark energy accelerates the expansion of the Universe and dark matter governs the growth of cosmic structures, scientists remain unsure about what dark energy and dark matter actually are.

By observing the Universe evolving over the past 10 billion years, Euclid will reveal how it has expanded and how structure has formed over cosmic history – and from this, astronomers can infer the properties of dark energy, dark matter and gravity, to reveal more about their precise nature.

I guess it’s “easier” spending billions to pretend we “just discovered” something than it is to admit you’ve been lying to everybody for the last 60 (or 600) years.

I don’t FULLY understand the euclidian angle other than .. approximately .. positive and negative dimensions do something weird with space, which can stretch out the perception of “time” in one of the pockets and they really don’t like this phenomenon because “time” is viewed as a linear “dimension” and it doesn’t work.

I’ve made fun of people in Los Angeles several times for not being able to explain something without making a reference to a television show or a movie but , fine , the only way I can explain it is to make a reference to Dr Who’s “TARDIS” – it’s “bigger on the inside [of one of those pockets] than it is on the outside.”

A “funhouse” or convex mirror does the same thing with photons refracting back onto your eyeball. “

Euclidean” structures in chemistry are what makes LSD melt in your mind and not in your hand ™. These little hexagon shaped cells are the same shape as a bee’s honeycomb.

Few things annoy me more at this point than the fact that I went out of my way to investigate and independently reverse engineer or figure some of this shit out for YEARS only to find out that it is already out there in the public domain.

(See PDF attachment below.)

Pay attention to the dates. Bill and Hillary Clinton blessed all that fucking garbage while they were in the White House. You have no idea what you were spared from when Gore “lost” in 2000 and then she “lost” again in 2016.

There’s lots of names and technologies I have spoken poorly of. Stanford is absolutely one of them. The game of life isn’t covered, but there is some mention of the kind of dregs that Network Solutions and GE were involved in, in Herndon. Some of this is going to sound very familiar to you if you’ve been here before.

Ada Hutchinson is owned by Lockheed, speaking of Weaponization of the Federal Government (out of Arkansas, isn’t that the state where the City of Phoenix’s (mormon) treasurer was selling babies out of during Hutchinson’s term?) The Arkansas that gave us Clintons? Of course he wants you to stfu about Lockheed.

if there’s anything youre interested in here, copy it off.

They didn’t think we could (or would) “fight back.”

Or made the worst assumptions about what that might look like if we did.

If you need something more specific than that, I would bring up the “peak oil” conspiracy theory for starters.

TPTB might look at that and go, “oh no, everyone is going to burn shit and rebel when their quality of life diminishes and there isn’t shit for them to consoom.”

And then go “release the plague” like every single other time in human history.

I’ve seen some shit – maybe that is how an awful lot of you would react.

“Things are fine” and there is boundless selfishness and violence and taking of that which is not yours. Imagine how people would behave if things were even worse.

When I express exasperation at someone like , say , Trump – or any of his contemporaries on either side of the aisle , it’s because I am not impressed with an endless litany of utter non-issues that they’re on about publicly from day to day. I can’t tell the difference between good “opsec” and a completely oblivious dipshit.

Either Fetterman and Biden are brilliant trolls or we have lost our goddamn minds.

During “covid” there was a distinct difference among people who were calm and had a “we’re in this together” attitude in the same way that people in Los Angeles were on the freeway, versus idiots in Texas who were like “get out of my way” or getting a thrill out of reckless endangerment and intimidating others on the road.

You had others I’ve spoken poorly of who were absolutely giddy about “tattling to the Kommisar” , oppressing others, and fantasized about stripping them of their rights or point blank executing them en masse – like #gaybros on Rizon.

Dear Gays: Remember when everyone thought Jeffrey Dahmer was a psycho because he murdered a bunch of people? Das you. That’s your fantasy. Not cool.

The fuckheads who are supposedly “from NA” who congratulate themselves on being light bearers and healers and “helpers” while they say they want to kill and beat and imprison people who come to them for their “help.” I don’t give a fuck how much sobriety someone like “Miranda” supposedly has. At the end of the day, her victories in “recovery” aren’t measured by someone going to a meeting or calling a helpline or getting through a day clean. Her idea of a victory in “working with others” is – I swear to fucking god – goading them into overdosing or suiciding. What is the matter with this group, that this doesn’t bother them at ALL? Did the drugs just completely devour you and eat a hole through you people or something? I fucking loathe NA World Services for burying their heads in the sand about this issue, it’s ruined more people than it ever helped. NA World Services is only concerned with selling their next Basic Text, the way a using addict only gives a shit about scoring their next bag or their next crack rock, they’re hideous and if there is anyone or anything that I absolutely do not regret fighting tooth and nail it is this one thing and this one thing alone and I am not done with you fucks yet.

That is the “hill” I will “go overdose and die on,” you flaming bitch.

I am not returning to the status quo. I agree with Obama and China, and it pains me to admit it. Digital Fingerprints and web3 are the future. Not necessarily over the fight over “truth” and “information” (“propaganda”) , but definitely with regard to antisocial behavior , threats of violence, and endless sabotage. I don’t want those shitheads on the free public system I run, that is the future, and I will fucking get rid of cancer like that immediately and forever so that others can thrive.

One of the things holding everyone back from that leap is that there are too many shitcoins and blockchains, most of them are garbage, there is no clear path forward on authentication providers or protocols or chains – who wants to invest time and infrastructure on this type of complexity and then have to turn around and re-implement it. Microsoft isn’t helping matters. If they had a winner it would sell itself. They would “compete” because their product and platform merited it, but here we are. How can anybody run a business when all the time and cost involved in implementing one of these dizzying and competing protocols can be thrown out the window by “NWO” types who would abruptly dictate that this is no longer “allowed” and everyone must now implement whatever garbage technology gives them the most bribe money in a given sitting congress? Once everyone is locked in, that IP holder controls everyones access to everything forever.. and that is what this is ALL *REALLY ABOUT* at the end of the day. Microsoft had its sorry ass kicked by free , open source software we don’t want their shit on our servers, we never DID, we never will, I would just as soon unplug the patient and refuse to contribute anything to society on Microsoft’s terms.

I would love a more efficient type of personal transportation. Lithium batteries are earth raping , polluting garbage and it’s time to stop kicking the can down the road. We have portable nuclear cells, hydrogen fuel cells, and wireless “Tesla energy” which you can’t have it because the government wants to use the same frequencies for “non lethal” weapons, eg Weaponization of the Federal Government, they bitch endlessly about peak oil and green energy and conservation , but they don’t want “solutions” – they already have solutions. The ugly truth of the matter is that your “government” would rather torture abuse and subjugate you with that technology than solve the so called “energy crisis” with it. I can offer them free and feasible solutions all night and day – I have tried for years and I can tell you this: they don’t want solutions these pigs want money and power.

Until the “energy crisis” is more important to the government than torturing targeting and tracking its subjects , shut the fuck up about this “energy crisis.”

Individualism has well-known caveats but they end up surviving because they don’t require much at the end of the day other than being left the fuck alone.

Someone who can plumb or hunt or fix your car and water heater has an advantage – and yet so does a person who can survive on an inhospitable street in a dangerous city when even their own mother doesn’t give a fuck if they live.

Why would I want to listen to Hillary Clinton’s call to become a “collectivist,” what is her evolutionary advantage? She can’t compose a tweet or a letter unassisted.

What kind of economical or technological innovations is she offering, or even understands? She literally cannot configure an email account on her personal iPad. But it is even worse than that. This is a person who has no sense of right or wrong, or what might work and what won’t , from looking at it or reading it herself. This is not the kind of judgement that merits being President of the United States. This is a person who needs a personal army of fifty lawyers to read a proposal and then tell her what to think about it. Then she still finds a way to be on the wrong side of an issue and the wrong side of the people’s wishes – so tone deaf and hopelessly unaccountable about the whole matter she is still enraged that we rejected her.

You have everything you need for “life to find a way” without taking anything away from somebody else to make something of yourself. You don’t want what she has.

New facts just dropped

What “research,” this “research” ?

Financial reporters often have the ethics to disclose their conflicts of interest, i.e. when they are recommending a stock they hold in their portfolio , providing “affiliate” links on amazon , or reporting on a product or company that their management team does double duty for .. .. or a company that owns 10% of their news agency AND the vaccine companiesbut not the staff at Reuters!

So uh, “which mRNA delivery system is doing that?” It can’t be the Safe And Effective Covid-19(tm) vaccines, those “stay at the injection site , except for about 1% that is destroyed by liver enzymes” according to Reuters-Thomson’s “”fact checkers”” – members of whose C-suite work(ed) for Blackrock and/or the WEF, which they never disclose when they peddle that poison and LIE about” research.”

I have the “research” from Pfizer that shows where it gets distributed in your body – “liver enzymes” my ass, it goes directly to your testicles and ovaries for starters , and then it gets in every single organ in your body, click here for a full list from Pfizer. Reuters has never retracted this “fact check” despite the fact this study has been available since at LEAST October of 2021 , that I have had a copy of it.

It must be one of the OTHER mRNA delivery systems “approved” for human use- /s OH WAIT THERE AREN’T ANY, which the hell one do you think it is?

You can call me mentally ill, I don’t give a fuck, look , evolution doesn’t favor people who blindly trust these corrupt genocidal bastards. I knew about this in 2021 and tried to sue them all that year while you were all lining up for another booster. I wasn’t, I guess, a so called “anti vaxxer” and I’m definitely not “scared of needles,” momma didn’t raise no bitch, okay?

I just had information (from Pfizer themselves) that “this particular vaccine” went straight to your liver, ovaries, and testicles — despite bald faced denials and “fact checks” from the likes of Reuters, which has a clear conflict of interest in this matter— and that the FDA and Pfizer didn’t want you to know about any of these “studies” for 55-75 years.

Not that I think that being a so called “anti vaxxer” is anything to apologize for or get defensive about — they were right after all.

I get it, I don’t have any “credibility” like the company who admitted to criminal fraud and settled the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice .. “oh, you mean the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the DOJ SO FAR,” right? May they be known for the largest and the second largest health care fraud settlements in the history of the fucking planet.

Twitter is still a cesspool of racial hatred and violent racially motivated threats from “jews” and I am still banned for life for factual statements. This coming from a dude (Musk) who can’t succinctly characterize “selective enforcement” by other parties yet complains about it all the fucking time while his own company does it.

Be the change you want to see , or whatever.

I’m not surprised that Joe Rogan is offering a “Doctor” who only flosses his teeth when the dentist does it for him $100,000 for his opinion. Maybe you clowns wouldn’t have to beg people to participate in your so called “public square” (speaking of “selective enforcement”, fucking hypocrite) or offer them money if half the country wasn’t being punished for life by Hillary, Vanguard, and Blackrock.

Does your user base even have money to pay advertisers like Audi for as much as they bitch about being unable to repay their student loans? Thats what advertisers go for? People who bitch all day that they can’t afford their bills or basic necessities? Who the fuck in their right mind spends $150,000 a month or more advertising luxury commodities there?

“Addicts could be here,” he thought.

“I’ve never been in this neighborhood before. There could be addicts anywhere.”

The cool wind felt good against his hair. “I HATE ADDICTS,” he snarled.

I was making dinner – and randomly thought how nice it was to not have a bunch of mouthy shithead addicts calling me names and telling me how everything thats dysfunctional or whack in their lives and “recovery” is somehow my fault.

I’m reading about this “cyber pandemic” all like, “Good! FUCK the internet!”

You know what I do on the “internet” now?

I gush about my PIT BABY and tell everyone “He’s a good boy you just STARTLED him – it’s not MY FAULT you didn’t have your toddler on a LEASH!”

its all so god damned tiresome.

They can gaslight me and lie and deny everything and say I am “crazy,” they already did that when I kept my fucking mouth shut anyway.

“Fact checkers” can shout me down and stick their fingers in their ears and call me a liar but the truth always comes out in the wash. They can all eat my fucking shit.

VK has its own problems like, oh I don’t know, throwing people in prison for “liking” the wrong post — that is your future on Twitter and Gab — but it just shows me inspirational words and works, ACTUAL world history and not some fucking shit made up by racist man hating kill whitey Marxist lesbians and literal voodoo practitioners from Harvard and Stanford, pictures of the sky and the world I live in.


“oh but they were savages” fuck off, I know all about your profane sacrifices to the yew trees in Florida. I know about the voodoo dolls that get shipped from Amazon (Arizona) directly to the offices of medical directors at prestigious household name hospitals and Stanford University and other big names in university medicine, they’re all either kabbalists or literal satanic voodoo practitioners. I mean “KNOW ABOUT” this and I’ll let you wonder how I know. Because I used to work at Amazon and I might have a friend who manufactures, sells, and ships them to you from Maricopa City.

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