I have already attempted to explain “ADE” as I understood it in several posts.

Here is a new idea:

We assume that vaccines cause immunity to a “virus” and early on, an inactivated “virus” seemed to do the trick.

In keeping with my theory about electrons and telomerase , I propose:

Viruses are electrons in our toroidal fields.

“It can jump fifteen feet” you say?

Okay, then how about we say that the toroidal fields are +7-7.5 feet and can span 15 feet , when yours intersects with another person’s.

So can I at least give you a win for “social distancing” , “sana distancia” ?

Vaccines cause immune responses to electrons, not “virus particles”

This causes breakage of electrons, atom groups, and pair bonds in your body.

This time around they seek to make you have an immune response to telomerase itself. Telomeres , TRRF IS magnetic with polarity, they attract and bind in a very specific manner. The fact that these “mRNA vaccines” have any effect on this whatsoever is DEFACTO proof that yes, vaccines CAN target electrons.

If that is not what they have in fact been doing this entire time.

If you want the mystery electron or particle that breaks or fixes this, then I don’t think you have to search the heavens and the earth and the cosmos for a new heretofore unidentified particle.

Just walk backwards through vaccines and figure out which ones you have made people have immune responses to.

“Mutations” are when you have induced an immune response to yet another electron, which you previously considered a “particle of” a “pathological disease.”

Why doesn’t hand sanitizer kill electrons?

How fucking long or hard do you have to think about that one.

Why do carbon tubes and carbon mats “disinfect viruses” ?

By performing a reduction — breaking their bond and attracting them to the carbon instead.

We know of another example substrate that performs this function: The porcelain in Pasteur’s filters. In fact the first so – called virus was identified as something that would not pass through his porcelain filter.

Look it up.

Carbon is a substrate that can break bonds, but hear me out: this is NOT good when the “bonds” that are being broken are your fucking red blood cells.

NAC is okay, it has metal chelating properties, it saves lives when people overdose on Tylenol , it can chelate toxins and poisons out of your body but you can not take it every day forever , it will eventually start robbing you of iron and hemoglobin