ONE LITTLE PROBLEM. No one would have ever approved mRNA for human use or clinical trials.

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The newly developed technique has an important advantage over other potential methods: It’s temporary. The modified RNA is designed to reduce the cell’s immune response to the treatment and allow the TERT-encoding message to stick around a bit longer than an unmodified message would. But it dissipates and is gone within about 48 hours. After that time, the newly lengthened telomeres begin to progressively shorten again with each cell division. The transient effect is somewhat like tapping the gas pedal in one of a fleet of cars coasting slowly to a stop. The car with the extra surge of energy will go farther than its peers, but it will still come to an eventual halt when its forward momentum is spent. On a biological level, this means the treated cells don’t go on to divide indefinitely, which would make them too dangerous to use as a potential therapy in humans because of the risk of cancer.

“… too dangerous to use as a potential therapy in humans because of the risk of cancer”

The researchers found that as few as three applications of the modified RNA over a period of a few days could significantly increase the length of the telomeres in cultured human muscle and skin cells. A 1,000-nucleotide addition represents a more than 10 percent increase in the length of the telomeres. These cells divided many more times in the culture dish than did untreated cells: about 28 more times for the skin cells, and about three more times for the muscle cells.

“Previous attempts to deliver mRNA-encoding TERT caused an immune response against telomerase, which could be deleterious. ”… what previous attempts?

“We were surprised and pleased that modified TERT mRNA worked, because TERT is highly regulated and must bind to another component of telomerase,” said Ramunas. “Previous attempts to deliver mRNA-encoding TERT caused an immune response against telomerase, which could be deleterious. In contrast, our technique is nonimmunogenic. Existing transient methods of extending telomeres act slowly, whereas our method acts over just a few days to reverse telomere shortening that occurs over more than a decade of normal aging. This suggests that a treatment using our method could be brief and infrequent.”

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While I said it makes sense to me that software wonks might sort of understand or geek out on this, here’s why they’re dangerous. Software wonks , clueless middle managers (including but not limited to the then-sitting President of the United States) especially, have a tendency to say fuck it and order everyone to “SHIP IT.”

Bugs be damned, shrieks of QA and engineering and beta customers be damned.

“We’ll just fix it later with a service pack!”

Well maybe that mentality works at Microsoft…

PS: They never ever ever ever ever ever ever “fix it later.”

These people are “religious” fanatics caught up in armageddon hysteria masquerading as science and I am using the word religious generously.

I think we will adapt.. well, we have adapted .. to some of our problems. I really could not care less if you want to thank science or thank a god of your understanding. In typical fashion, the so called elites want to set sail on a rocket ship or the Titanic , or turn New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii into the most heavily fortified gated communites on earth until the coast is clear.

They’ve stolen all the “money” and property and islands and indeed the means of production and almost every amount of suffocating control over your privacy, freedom, your right to assemble or share information or warn others or defend yourselves against tyranny.

But now a lot of them are … 70 .. 80 .. years old and won’t be long for this world. Hence obsessions with “transhumanism” and genetic hacks for immortality (as if you weren’t perfect the way you are) that they would like to test out on you first. That whole “black eye club” thing looks like kaposis sarcoma , I speculate from “previous attempts to deliver mRNA-encoding TERT” , which they probably thought would make them young again if not immortal. Be glad you weren’t invited over to Jimmy Carter’s for koolaid.

AIDS, in my estimation, is exactly what this paper describes as “an immune response against telomerase” , which may have been introduced by overt or covert experimentation with mRNA , delivered by a vaccine or a payload in a viral vector. You can indeed deliver it with an adenovirus. But the current experiments are trying to make your body produce it by itself.

This study explains why doing this for more than a transient period (48 hours or so) is bad.

HIV , is due to VPR1 halting cell mitosis/division/reproduction, by a separate pathological process — which might be a single stranded RNA virus, or which might be an “immune response against telomerase.”

Telomerase / TERT is extremely selective and can only bind to itself, I suspect, in groupings of three. I speculate this because gag,pol,env is a group of three.

When I say these carbon atoms are 3 + 3 and 2 carried over, you have these 2 groups of telomeres that cannot be encoded because there isnt a third one for them to bind to and be encoded with.

Your body, I speculate, stops incorporating those two telomeres because it does not know what they are or what to do with them.

You will only grab it with ALT , when it is a group of three.

This is the checkpoint process. This is vpr1.

When two roll over and become three, they can bind to each other and resolve this condition.

So you understand, the reason I suspected teflon or scotchguard and not .. say … drain cleaner .. is because of the mathematics involved and the documented switch from an 8 atom config to a 6 atom config.

Old “aids” is not the new “aids”, admit it, you’ve had this discussion with someone.

The 6 atom configuration is not safer, you see, you still have the “immune response against telomerase” aka aids and covid and probably other cover stories.

It is just that, with the 6 atom configuration you dont have an extra 2 stray telomeres that never ever ever ever ever go away.

Your body finds two groups of three and accepts or rejects them.

AIDS, as caused by the 8 atom configuration “never goes away” , because it has two telomeres that persist forever and ever and ever, as they are selective and need a third telomere to bind to.

AIDS, and possibly cancer, is a state of being in that perpetual checkpoint.

Though its my understanding that HIV, is a specific thing that stops your tcells from reproducing due to VPR.

In the case of cancer, maybe its a red blood cell or B cell or whatever that is halted from cell division or reproduction.

I’m going to be controversial and say “AIDS is not forever. You’re thinking of scotchgard and teflon.”

Something else to consider – the role of paramagnetism, in TRRF’s selective binding properties. Why does it only stick to other TRRF? Why do they only attract or stick to each other in a certain order? The same reason opposites attract on an iron magnet.

Fucking magnets, thats how they work.

“Molecules with even numbers of paired electrons are dimagnetic (slightly repelled by a magnet) and free radicals are paramagnetic (attracted by a magnet) because of the spin of the odd electron, the spins of the remaining paired electrons cancel each other out.”

“A molecule called hemoglobin in the red blood cells contains iron. Oxygen sticks to the iron here and moves around the body. …”

So you have people asking “Why does this fucking magnet stick to my injection site?” and theyre like “noooo sweetie youre not magnetic”

Yes you are. Everything in your body, every molecule is slightly magnetic , you are paramagnetic its one of the reasons things know where they go.

It’s how a fucking MRI works (magnetic resonance imaging) it is literally reading the magnetic resonance of your body. Of course your body is paramagnetic!

Antioxidants, NAC, amd Zantac scavenge the free (read: magnetic) radicals roaming around in your body aimlessly and looking for something to bind to , that dont really belong there. Do not take “too much” of these or they may have a paradoxical (opposite) effect.

Any other poisons or metals can be excreted, metabolized, or chelated — or at least are not present in every man woman child and animal (yet).

But not these free radicals or stray telomeres.

If you don’t stop lying, learn from this, and change your ways im sure there will be others.

What is a forever chemical?

No, I do not want to build back better. I want you to fix this shit.

Nobody is going to give you a brand new planet to do the exact same shit to.

If/when God has finally had enough, there will be a tribulation and a test.

The meek will inherit the earth but it wont be handed to you, you will earn it and be a good caretaker and steward of what you already have first.

Whoever looked at the earth and its people like a used kleenex to throw away..

I’m not convinced they have a ticket for that ride. But god has a far greater capacity for understanding, compassion, and mercy than I do.