Whenever you’re working with a black or white, all or nothing, “one or zero” , argument that the machinery has turned us against each other over-

Such as:

Dumbocrats v Rethuglicans

Hillary v. Trump

(or , face it, any of the rigged contests)

Vaccines v. Antivaxxers

And you’ve been told you must choose one or the other,

That there is no “third option.”

If you don’t then you are a .

If you support _ then you _.

If lesser mortals are brainwashed into scapegoating you or telling you that you deserve to die, be beaten, or lose your livelihood, or suffer if you make the “wrong” choice then know this:

When faced with such a purity test, given “two” options:

They are both probably the wrong answer.

The machines that explore potentials and possibilities and so called forecasting “timelines” (I doubt that’s even a thing, as it conflicts with my belief that time itself is non existent, let’s say it’s just a calculation of suspected outcomes when fed two choices, this kind of crap started sometime around the 1940s or 1950s) , then they’ve decided that a particular outcome advanced their unspoken agendas and the propaganda and coercion machine gets to work on making you think that that’s what you want , and need to pressure others into wanting as well.

For a long time these systems were limited to binary: 1 and 0 , they don’t process “gates.”

A third option, in other words.

They’ve figured out the quantum part of the decision making algorithms but they haven’t cracked the psychology of, or fine tuned the time tested and proven propaganda and manipulation tactics that still count on people being stuck on fighting between two choices.

And that is probably one of many reasons that things are going to hell in a hand basket and these people don’t know what to do other than, continue to try to force or nudge you in one specific direction towards one specific goal, while overloading you with a bunch of irrelevant nonsense and drama that makes you lose sight of debating the pros and cons of your options, as their tactics require no further thought than , “pick this option or you ….” “are a NAZI,” lol.

Look up “amygdala hijack” to see what the propaganda / msm’s PRIMARY goal is in this society.

It’s to keep you from seeing that your “timeline” consists of infinite slivers around you, reflecting the choices you make that affect your life, that affect others, and where you come together and share your experiences and converge:

This system, this amagdyla hijack paradigm is intentionally structured to make you too overwhelmed to see the potentials in front of you, surrounding you, and flowing through you.

To stressed out to remember the details or debate the pros and cons of the central issues that actually do need to be looked into.

To forget , that you are in control and choose your own outcomes.

Trauma victims have black or white thinking. (edit: and so do people with BPD, thats “splitting” — so pretty much everyone who got on Facebook and screamed” IF YOU DON’T VOTE FOR _____ , THEN FUCK YOU” no names, you know who you are, good times, no wonder social media strives to make everyone soulless.)

The more traumatized, stressed out, afraid, and at odds with each other — the more favorably we respond to that black or white, all or nothing thinking and programming.

Who is the man who shoves conflict and division into “open societies” and takes advantage of them by betting against them financially in the process?

To add insult to injury, when we are already so traumatized and at odds with each other, their petty thugs and brown shirts threaten us with violence and incarceration or loss and deprivation , isolation , etc if we make the “wrong choices.”

Just like Hitler’s people did before and after they “adjudicated” (invalidated) 3 million ballots with the “incorrect” vote in their Fuhrer’s “undisputed” victory in November of 1933.

I already quoted something about economic shock tests , like manufactured / artificial shortages (“toilet paper and hand sanitizer”) , grocery stores deliberately dialing down orders to drive scarcity, etc. (edit 2: originally unsourced, I have since learned this is from Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. So- “fuel shortages,” “toilet paper shortages,” “egg shortages” etc are all shock tests for consumer behavior.)

Your cultural shock tests are: Can they turn blacks against whites, whites against blacks , blacks or whites against “Asians,” and who can they scapegoat for it?

Your cultural shock tests are: Can they turn society so insane they’d threaten to dehumanize, unperson, or harm each other for pulling the wrong lever in a ballot box , instead of no longer “seeing things differently” ?

This is one of the reasons I don’t trust “Trump.”

He’s either in on this , or blind to the perils of the peoples asses he kisses, and exactly as big of an idiot as you said he was. Although perhaps I feel so for other reasons than you do. What does it matter?

When the media and government are trying to shove these purity tests and all or nothing so called societal issues on you, I theorize that a disaster has more than likely been averted almost every time we have told them to go fuck themselves.

It’s possible that some algorithm or person decided if event X never happened, even worse event Y would happen ; but it’s not like they’re ever going to explain the choices they make or try to misrepresent or pressure you into. They will apparently lie endlessly about what the fuck even happened, or didn’t happen.

And eventually it all comes crashing down because without fail the truth ALWAYS comes out in the wash.

The fucked up part about it is that they’re going to fuck with events, decisions, laws, etc to get the outcome they wanted anyway, we are just spinning our wheels.

Turn your back on imaginary problems and set your mind on things you’re interested in and curious about.

If you’re not following along, im sure you’ve heard this saying:

“When one door closes, another one opens.”

Let me ask you a question:

“What if they’re both still open?”

If your leaders are so drunk or senile or coked out, or foolish, or incompetent that they need to rely on garbage AI that makes even worse decisions than THEY do; then it’s time to unplug them both.

They hate the rally chants such as those of Hitler and Trump, nothing makes the hair stand up on the backs of their necks more than hearing the people screaming for the exact same thing in unison.

The game of seesaw, where their confused and stressed out subjects ride the teeter totter and mindlessly taunt each other as they bounce up and down on it:

“am not!” “are too!” “am not!” “are too!”

.. is the metronome that is as soothing to their ears as the rain is to you and I.

.. is the cadence of division and conflict and confusion that puts them to sleep, knowing that you’re all still asleep as well.

… and that all is well in their world as they continue on with the invisible agenda where they neither solicit nor give a fuck about your opinion of it.