1. You are not just the body that you see. You are a Soul. You are divine light in physical form. A unique aspect of source creator.

2. You have an agenda. A soul contract to fulfill. You need to establish a connection with your higher self to reach an awareness of that mission.

3. Reality is far different from what we’ve been told. It is multi-dimensional. It has no real solidity. It is essentially a holographic template in which you can create/manifest using your thoughts. The external is a reflection of the internal. 

4. The very sub-stratum of all matter is an intelligent energy or consciousness. God is not a man with a beard sitting on a throne, he is the totality of everything that exists. It is essentially a gigantic universal mind.

5. You are not alone in this. Each and every one of you are surrounded and protected by higher-dimensional beings (spirit guides/angels). However, as they will not violate your free-will, you actually have to ask and give permission for them to assist you. They will provide you with an abundance of signs and synchronicities which will reassure you of their presence and help to guide you along your path. Note – Because of the universal law of vibrational attraction, they cannot prevent any outcomes that you yourself are vibrationally attracting.See section on law of attraction.

6. For the most part, volunteers are more advanced souls who have voluntarily enlisted to assist the planet during a critical evolutionary phase. You volunteered because you had a sort of “galactic expertise” and have probably been in similar circumstances before. Because of a “force-field” around the etheric regions of the planet you had to undergo what is known as a “spiritual fall” in order to incarnate here. This means that you willingly set yourself back in your spiritual evolution from a higher state to a lower state. As such, your goal is to now re-evolve spiritually so that you can effectively serve divine will and then ascend back into the higher dimensions.

7. You have the ability to radiate refined “light-love” energy. This energy has a positive restorative effect on all matter(humans, animals, plants etc). It raises the frequency vibration of the planet and helps heal the delicate energy grid-lines. (ley-lines). Spiritual attainment will enable you to optimize the output of your love-light energy. Although, you will need to energetically neutralize your negative output.

8. The elite of this planet are in service to dark spiritual lords, who are opposed to the will of source creator. They are not interested in spiritual evolution and wish to maintain a tight grip on their pseudo-power. Their strategy, in an energetic sense, is to counter the oncoming positive energy by the deliberate dispersal of negative energy which has a deleterious impact upon the energy system of the planet and keeps it in a lower vibrational status. They also intend to neutralize the positive energy of the volunteers by embedding them with negative energy. This is accomplished by causing you to feel and express negative emotions (fear, anger, hatred etc). 

9. The law of attraction – One of the fundamental laws of the universe that dictates the nature of your reality is the law of vibrational attraction. Everything in this universe at its base structure is energy including your thoughts. This energy has a quality in that it attracts to itself energy of a like nature. Positive (higher vibrational) energy attracts more positive energy and negative (lower vibrational) energy attracts more negative energy and so on. So basically, if you put out energy (thoughts) of a negative vibration, that negative quality of energy will be reflected back to you. This is how gang-stalking works at the deeper level. They (the perpetrators) cause you to fall into a fear-based mindset in which you will vibrationally attract negative outcomes into your life. This provides them with what is known as a “vibrational opening” in which they can then invade your reality.

The entire control system is predicated upon keeping humanity in a very limited frame of perception. Your conditioned in such a way that you immediately reject anything that falls outside of the accepted norm. And through this mechanism your kept in ignorance of anything that could endanger the status-quo. So therefore i would recommend you keep an open mind, and realize that the “rabbit hole” goes deeper than you would think.

— Author unknown 

(I think it sounds like Dolores Cannon, possibly “The Three Waves of volunteers” or someone kind of wired the same way as Dolores there- correction/attribution welcome)